About Teeth Grinding

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You may think grinding your teeth is simply an annoying habit that interrupts you or your partners sleep pattern. Though it is true that occasional teeth grinding isn’t usually a concern, Atlanta dentist says chronic grinding can cause damage to your teeth. Bruxism, as teeth grinding is medically called, can occur in people of all ages. This includes children as young as toddlers. Though the reasons why people grind their teeth vary, the potential for oral health issues is real for all grinders. If you notice you are grinding your teeth, or are waking up with a sore jaw, consult your dentist quickly to diagnose the problem.

Most people assume Bruxism is caused by stress and anxiety from day to day life. For some patients, this is true. According to Dentist Atlanta however, most patients will grind their teeth because the teeth are crooked, or their bite is misaligned. Children, on the other hand, tend to grind their teeth during the developing stage of baby teeth and adult teeth. Like adults, most children grind their teeth at night in their sleep. The most likely cause of Bruxism in children is the misalignment of their bite during the development of new teeth. However, it is important to have your child seen by a dentist if you notice teeth grinding. In some cases, it could be a sign of a more serious underlying illness.

Once your dentist determines the cause of your teeth grinding, you can begin a plan to manage it. Most patients will be fitted with a mouth guard to protect their teeth at night. However, it is important to treat the root of the cause to reduce or eliminate grinding. Sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, are known to have a side effect of Bruxism. Once the sleep apnea is treated, teeth grinding typically goes away on its own. Stress and anxiety can be managed with meditation, exercise, counseling and sometimes muscle relaxers. Follow up with your dentist after your initial visit if you continue to notice you are grinding your teeth.

Oral Care During Pregnancy

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When you’re expecting a new baby, your body is going through an enormous amount of changes. Between your growing belly and a surge in hormones, you are no doubt feeling the effects. One of the more unexpected conditions during pregnancy is the change in your oral health. If you have existing dental problems, be sure to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Pregnancy can cause those issues to potentially get worse, and a consultation with your dentist can get you on track to manage them during your gestation.

Perhaps the most common oral symptom of pregnancy is mild gingivitis. Gingivitis is essentially inflammation of the gums. Signs of gingivitis include swollen, red gums that may even bleed when you brush and floss your teeth. If you find your gums are sore after brushing, check them out in the mirror and look for redness. If you suspect you may have gingivitis, do not stop brushing and flossing as recommended. Though gingivitis is typically mild during pregnancy, it is a good idea to go ahead and schedule an appointment with your dentist to rule out more serious gum disease. You can also make a plan for caring for your mouth and teeth to prevent more problems with oral care during pregnancy

It may come as a surprise that you can positively effect your growing baby’s teeth while they are still in utero. Even though you can’t see baby’s teeth, he is born with them right below the surface of his gum line. Teeth begin to develop during the second trimester, and a healthy diet will produce healthy, strong teeth. If you haven’t already, it is a good time to up your calcium and protein intake. Vitamins A and D will also improve your baby’s tooth development. The more you take in, the more is transferred to your baby through his umbilical cord. On the flip side, a poor diet can negatively impact your baby’s developing teeth.

Keeping A Healthy Lifestyle

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The most important thing that you can have is your health. It doesn’t matter what social background you have, because money cannot always buy what you need, and health is one of those things.

The knowledge and the power of the doctors are sometimes limited, and this is the main reason why you have to prevent being dependent on them. Learning the secrets of a healthy lifestyle is easy, because in most of the cases, all you need is to make minor changes in your lifestyle.

In other cases, even if it seems hard, it’s all about your willingness to be healthy, so let’s talk a little about what you can do for your own health.

Drink Water

Yes, the water is the basic element of your body, and if you ask any scientist you will get the same answer – more than 75% of your organism is represented by water. Every cell in your body contains water, so you need it.

Recently, doctors have come up with a recommendation to drink at least 2 Firstliters of water per day, but the truth is that you need to drink as much as you can. Not everyone can drink the same quantity of water, but it’s good if you have at least a few glasses every day. Don’t replace it with juices or other drinks, because the effect is not the same.

Water can help you keep your body hydrated, your dark circles under the eyes will be gone in just a few weeks and you will be feeling more and more energized. Water can also help you in losing weigh, if you have such a problem. It’s indicated to drink more water, especially if you go to the gym or when you exercise. Nutritionists and personal trainers tell everyone that it’s great if you could always have a bottle of water with you at the gym.


From time to time, it’s great if you could just forget about work and other kinds of worries, and you could simply relax. You can do something that you like, you can practice a physical activity to get rid of the stress or you can simply read a book or a walk in the park.

womens+healthThe idea is that you should let your mind roam free and stop thinking about the job, the tasks that you have, the responsibilities and everything else that makes you worry day after day.

Scientists discovered that the stress is a major factor that helps the development of different illnesses, so you need to reduce the level of the stress in your life. All those little things that please you will help you reduce that level, and it will also help you stay in a better mood.

Laugh as much as you can, enjoy the little things that happen and embrace the changes.

Socialize and Make Friends

People are not made to be alone and everyone needs friends in their lives. It’s good to socialize and make new connections, as this will definitely help you on the long run. First of all, you won’t feel lonely – it will help you feel like you actually belong somewhere and it will make it easy to go over problems.

health-check-small-PNGIf you’re shy, then you can find something that you like doing and join a group – there are groups and workshops for people who like to read, for those who like to make hand-made objects, who like to write poetry and so on. You can find anything and it will help you become less shy and make some friends.

Socializing is also a great way to get rid of the stress that we were talking about earlier, and connecting with your friends and family will also give you the needed support that you sometimes look for.